What our Customers say...


You did a superb job! 

Amazing Service! Will use again if needed. 

This is our second time to use SERVPRO in the past two years and we are still happy with our services now. All staff were kind and helpful and kept us in the loop as the process went on. 

Very Pleased. 

Technicians were very professional and friendly. 

Dustin was beyond courteous and professional. Will recommend to others. 

Outstanding job, crew was very helpful and knew what needed to be done. Thank you.

Satisfied with service.

All were very helpful, don't change anything.

I am well-pleased with all the representatives who came by. Kudos to the outstanding employees of SERVPRO Biloxi. Service was prompt and immediate.

Change nothing 100% good to go, thank you for helping us.

They took the edge off a very stressful situation, We're very grateful.

Change nothing, they do a real good job.

Good job!

The SERVPRO biloxi office staff was courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job. 

Aaron took the time to explain the process and was very professional. Every team that came in were great and very courteous.

I would recommend SERVPRO biloxi to my friends, family and colleagues.

Ya'll are the best!! The workers were excellent and dependable!

Keep up the excellent job!

I wouldn't change or add anything. Aaron and Richard did a great job in reassuring me that everything was going according to how they are supposed to. Very speedy at coming to my rescue to help solve the problem. Thank you!!

Great Service! Great Job! Will def tell others to use this service!


I enjoyed this experience! I appreciate the care taken with cleaning our rugs!

Ya'll are awesome!!

My recommendation is that SERVPRO stay exactly as they are because they are great! Thank you for your prompt, efficient service, SERVPRO!

I was pleased with SERVPRO's performance and would use them again in the future.

I was VERY satisfied with SERVPRO's professionalism and efficiency in handling this experience!

I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone!

I was very pleased with the service SERVPRO provided!

I would use SERVPRO again!

Thank you, SERVPRO!! You gave me much needed peace of mind!!

SERVPRO came and collected some air samples at my house because of some mold I thought I might have. When the results came in, they were so patient with all of my questions about the results and answered each one. 

We called SERVPRO to come look at some mold in an RV we had. They were quick about getting out to look at the mold. We ended up getting rid of the RV, but we were very pleased with SERVPRO's quick response and expertise on the issue.

I was concerned about some mold in my house. I asked SERVPRO for help. They came in and did a test that told me my mold levels were ok and the stains I saw were nothing to be alarmed about.

We had some mold growing in our house and it was causing us breathing issues. SERVPRO sectioned off the area while they worked and we were doing so much better after getting their help.

Our dryer started a fire. We were so scared. SERVPRO helped us so much! Thank you!!

We had a fire in our kitchen. All I could do was cry. But SERVPRO was so amazing and helped us so much!

My water heater leaked and got water all over my house. SERVPRO was so helpful to clean up the mess!

A fire in my house caused so much damage. I couldn't believe it. SERVPRO came in and they have worked so hard making it so much easier to get through this.

The SERVPRO team came and worked so diligently to get things back to how they were before my house was flooded. They were great!

I couldn't believe what was happening with all of the flooding. I was so thankful SERVPRO was there to help!

There was so much flooding caused by a big storm. Chris and the rest of the SERVPRO team was so helpful getting my life back to normal quickly.

I had 2 feet of water in my house because of a big storm that caused a lot of flooding in the area. SERVPRO was a Godsend for me!

SERVPRO answered all my questions. I was thankful for their help!

The SERVPRO staff was helpful and really knew what they were doing. I really appreciated them doing such a great job.

Thank you SERVPRO! You helped get my house back in order quickly!

SERVPRO handled the clean up and restoration of my house after a water leak affected several rooms in my house. I was very pleased with the results.

The SERVPRO reps who came to my house were very knowledgeable and respectful of my house. They took time to answer my questions and helped get my house back to normal quickly.

Excellent job, SERVPRO!

SERVPRO did a wonderful job with my house. They were so quick and courteous!

The best. Quiet, quick, thorough, and sympathetic team I have seen. They came into my home very professional and very helpful.

The team was very courteous, thoughtful, and compassionate at a very bad time. Thank you.

Everything was addressed in a very professional manner! I give them a 10 and would use them again.

The SERVPRO office staff was helpful and polite. The crew was professional and I would use them again.

I give SERVPRO a 10 across the board.....

Very informative of process, courteous, and accommodating. Took all odor away and very good clean job.

Very good service!!!

The guys were really respectful and made sure we had everything we needed. Made a painful and aggravating situation a lot smoother. Rick, Mel, and Jason were amazing. We appreciate their diligence.

They did a great job and when needed I will call on SERVPRO.

Fast and courteous service.

Excellent job!

"Casey did an outstanding job. He is very professional and takes pride in his work."

This was my first experience of a water damage/flood and SERVPRO of Biloxi went out of their way to help me. Very knowledgeable and very helpful.

The production team was courteous, prompt, and helpful with all of my concerns. Great working with SERVPRO.

Great Service! Fast, friendly, and very helpful. We got to open in a matter of days after the flood! 

Great employees! Thank you for your help and knowledge.

You have very dedicated employees that are pleasant, polite, professional, and great service.

I had lots of questions regarding a mold issues under my sink. The Production Manager addressed all of my questions and concerns! Very pleased with not having to worry if the job was done! Will be using them again.

The gentleman (service tech) was very polite professional, and answered all of my questions.

Kind, courteous, Professional, & thorough!

Very helpful and informative with information regarding the process. Very fast response with our unique situation.

Very quick response!

The employees did an awesome job and were very professional!

All of the employee's were very patient with me and walked me through the process step by step!

Very please with the work they did and very professional!

Wonderful! Your guys are great!

Very Impresed! The crew member was very diligent and hard working.

Friendly and Professional.

Rick did a fine job!

Everything looked great! Very impressed!

Rick and Phil were wonderful gentlemen. Thank you to both of them.

I am very satisfies from Taurus' arrival to his departure. I was very pleased with him. We will definitely use SERVPRO again.

Jason and Derick wer very proffesional and did a great job. Thank you!

Professional service. Very satisfied!

Mike was awesome!

They are very professional and courteous.

Kyle had excellent customer service! Will definitely be using SERVPRO again.

The gentlemen were very nice and polite.

Had a good experience. TJ was great!

SERVPRO was very helpful and friendy. We will be using them again!

The service was wondeful and the person doing the cleaning was great! First class company.

Eric did a fantastic job! Great customer service!

Jason was a very polite young man. My overall impression was excellent.

Wonderful job. The carpet lookes great and the staff was great as well. Great job! Thank you so much!

The two guys that came to our house did a real good job. Real courteous fellows.

Great service. Great job. Everything looks great. Service was perfect. I will definitely use SERVPRO again. I am very pleased.

SERVPRO did a very good job. The carpet was very clean!

They were very knowledgeable, prompt, and polite. The carpet looks brand new!

"Good service, prompt, and knowledgeable."

TJ was sure to please and very nice and knowledgeable of his work.

For the technique that servpro used, the quality of the cleaning as exceptional.

"Keep up the good Service!!!"

All of the SERVPRO crew's were great! Thank you for all you have done!

The guys were excellent and polite. Eric and Jason are very professional and do great work.

I had SERVPRO clean my home while I was at work. They did an amazing job. I could smell how clean the house was before I walked in the garage. Our carpets were old and filled with dog hair. After SERVPRO came, they looked brand new! I will definitely be using them again!

Michael was very efficient and did an excellent job. Excellent work!

"Professional Courteous, and went out of their way to complete the job well. We are very satisfied!!"

"The SERVPRO team was exceptional! I can't say enough great things about the team. They made a bad situation tolerable. A true blessing to us. Thank you!!!"

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and talk to you about your rep, Daniel. He is a wonderful worker that has left us satisfied with SERVPRO of Biloxi and permanent customers. He has gone above and beyond to make sure each and every clean is to our satisfaction and scheduled in a timely fashion. SERVPRO is a great company and it really comes down to the amazing customer skills that Daniel has.

I just want to thank SERVPRO of Biloxi for the great job they did at my home. They were very courteous and professional. I will be using them again in the future.

"The gentleman (service tech) was very polite, professional, and answered any and all questions I had."

Very kind & helpful. Amazingly prompt and efficient!!! Very thankful for the next day service I got!!!

"The tech was knowledgeable and polite. He sure knows what he is doing".

"Polite and courteous to all incoming clients and staff".

"Very Friendly and professional. Thank you!"

"House smells Great! Extremely satisfied with the job!"

"Fast Friendly Service & excellent job."

"We are very satisfied with SERVPRO! Great Job! Our carpets look and smell so much better! We also learned a few things! Overall great experience!"

"They worked very hard to do this job! Very friendly & sweet! Over all a great job. Thank you Angel & Steven!"

"Very kind, helpful, and efficient! I am very thankful for the next day service I received!"

The team member were very helpful and experienced. Everyone we dealt with was most helpful.